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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  January 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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85 and temperatures will be in the 30s, 40s and 50s and we will end up with a lot of 60s and 70s. 56 half man bay and that's running 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. red flag warning across and everything is being blocked right now. it looks like a weak but sunny and warm record highs, highs again 60s and 70s, here is sal. we are looking at a commute which still looks good, i will show you where in just a moment. traffic here looks pretty good as you drive out to the mcarthur maze with no major problems. bay bridge toll plaza is light, no major delay, once you make it on, there is no delay into the city. there is also some roadwork on the nimitz freeway since i
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pushed the map here and some of these indicators show, it is not bad at all. police have arrested a man they believe is responsible for setting a series of fires. surveillance video from home security systems show a man walking near the scene and setting those fires. they have set a news conference and sources tell ktvu at this suspect lives in the area where the fires were set. we will have a live report coming up in just a few minutes. a deadly house fire in newark, they responded to a house fire on car vin street and when crews arrived to arrived an elderly man was
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found inside and he was treated for smoke inhalation but he died. they are investigating the cause of a grass fire. no comb were burned but four acres were . bay area prepares for another day of unusually warm shirts. many were wearing warm t- shirts and record lows in the east and west and they are zigzag this could be global warming. >> we are seeing a lot of records shattered and there have been cold already shattered dry records shattered, warm records shattered --
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>> steve paulson will have your full for call pulling it up into its water reserved and live in quarter med madera, here is more. >>reporter: over the next few days, the district will be using a reserve reservior on mt. pam. reservior levels are only 70% of normal and the district does not like pumping water because it is so expensive but they have no choice given these drought like conditions. >> we have a little bit of water left in our system now to do that. >> residents are talking about
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restrictions. landscapers are worried they will not want to plan with water rationing. they are cutting back with how many water glasses they put on tables and i will tell you that is a lot. a 61-year-old woman in sonoma county with underlying health issues died from the flu yesterday. in napa county, a man with multiple medical issues died and the death of a 48-year-old man is now flew -- flu related. this map shows, one death was also reported in hum poll county. now a shooting out side windy's
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restaurant and police havish -- injured two people. one person was seriously injured at the monument boulevard. anybody with information about the case is asked to call police. oakland's first homicide of 2014 will be laid to rest today. 13-year-old lee will be buried and two men driving away have not been arrested. they are holding a memorial at the gospel church. the life event will be running on you tube and running until 6:00 tonight. the video take will be running
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all night. more than 3% of housing units are being foreclosed on and that's almost twice the rate here in california. last year the rate dropped and is now close to a meeting tailed with politicians and police. it comes after a strength of recent governments and today will be for reporting collisions. and now they are also looking into citywide public awake necessary. they waged another nfc championship game this sunday. the losing mayor will help raise $10,000 for a meal program in the winning city and the looser will also send some
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foot and the original am to see how it is. the most favorite company is backing the seahawks. they will sell a tall cup of coffee for just 12 cents. it signifies the 12th man to take advantage of the deal. she wants to give her husband a major makeover and the clothes he wears during the game she wants to throw out and friday morning it is the
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morning after. and a new food safety law has some restaurants seeing red, the new complaints and how they are to handle their new food. there is a -- there is a lot of roadwork. >> clear skies, temperatures will warm up again and how much get to that place.
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. welcome back, time now 4:41, they have obtained a copy of the plane crash last summer. [ whoa, there is a body right there in friend of you ]
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>> at least one of the first responders knew she was there before she was covered with firefighter foam. the language used is a clue that firefighters knew she was already dead. >> you don't call a victim that is alive a body. the first thing we do is move the people away from the scene. they get moved away from the area so you can start to narrow down and triage what you have left. >> the video could be used to support her claim that fire crews were negligent because they never stopped to see if she was still alive. and they will honor two trash companies for saving a puppy. they spotted the puppy on conveyer belt. the poodle mix has wounds to her head and legs. and she is still receiving
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treatment and they have received hundreds of calls from people asking to adopt her. and a new safety law which requires food handlers to wear plastic gloves. the owner of a sushi resident ran -- resident ran said it will ruin his business. >> it is impossible to wear gloves during the making of sushi. >> they say the state never notified them and they will not wear gloves until they received word from the state it is mandatory. they have rejected a proposal designed to prevent the refinery in 2012. more than if 20 people packed
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the area and they have a set of rules designed to make refinery operations safer. last night the federal board vote the against the proposal. they sent more than 15 people to the hospital with respiratory problems. and this comes as they close 33 stores and none of the stores in northern california at this point, the staff cuts will be offset as it hires more workers for it's on line business and they need to make changes as they try to return to profitability. the antioch man charged with kidnapping a young girl pled not guilty yesterday. he is accused of following the little girl and her mother from a wal-mart and then abducted her and the little child was
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found in his car and douglas remains on bail. the victims were found wounded, two of them were shot in the leg wheel the other person is shot in the foot and they are all expected to recover. a video has surfaced after the taliban has captured a soldier for four years. he was serving in a remote part of safe began began -- afghanistan. the pentagon shows the health of the 27-year-old is declining. it is the 6th video of him since his capture and they and they are trying to have peace talks with him. president barack obama will announce his response to the surveillance operations at the
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national security agency but the president is not about to call for the ending their program which tracks on every telephone call made and received in the u.s. and instead, aides say they will change specifics to the congress. one change they are expected to announce, restrictions on eavesdropping on conversations. the president and first lady are hosting a summit for low income and disadvantaged students. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano is among the more than 100, university presidents expected to attend. others will be there as well. jim harbaugh zero and his wife won. sarah harbaugh told them she is tired of her husband's wardrobe
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which consists of a black 49ers sweatshirt tucked into his pants and he looks like rain man. she even threw away his pants and he was seen repleasant itching. and he switched up his a tire for a news conference. >> i heard about that, they were making quite a bit of sport of me but problem solved and the levis and the flat kaki, happy wife, happy life. >> coach harbaugh relented and decided to wear a better pair of pants and still plans on tucking in his sweatshirt. don't forget about our news
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anchors this weekend. we will be joining them live in sell the and -- seattle and we have a half hour long show on saturday night and we have a brand-new competition with our sister station. you can show your station and it says hammer the hawks. >> i think it is funny that he snuck off to a wal-mart to get the pants he likes. >> he still going to tuck in his sweatshirt. >> you don't want to change anything, gosh. >> i was thinking the same thing. does it really matter, he is winning, just leave it alone for now. >> maybe next year. good morning everybody, let's take a look at the commute, traffic is looking well around the bay area.
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we have a lot of roadwork and that is supposed to be where caltrans is and if you drive early you will see a lot of roadwork all over the bay area. 101 approaching the 880 split looks good and the lower deck look good as well. and it is nice and clear to downtown and it looks good getting into the valley. 4:49 let's go to steve. >> i agree, it is like if you are sitting on a couch and you don't move, it is your spot. room as lean that is is 85 and -- salinas 72 and it is the
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warmest high temperature in january ever. can'tcanfield mountain -- mountain view, july august or september, we would be about 110 degrees and fire dangers are extremely bone dry and again it is very high for almost everybody. it looks like the easterly breeze is losing its grip and temperatures are in the 70s. we have 40s and 50s and 66, 52 at fso and red flag warnings are out here and it was 82 degrees for a record high, from here to southern california, 29 ukiah, high pressure, this kind
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of a pattern when it builds this high up, you can see it coming from underneath and it will be high clouds. and sunny more record clouds, we still get that offshore breeze, 70s for many, and sunny and warm, probably not as breezy, a little cooler and still dry as we go into the weekend. we will try their luck, it is part 2 of the season 13, kickoff. >> oh, my hand... >> last night's show festured auditions from boston and austin texas and they have awe discs from san francisco, thousands of future kerry underwood was there and ryan sea crest was there and starting tomorrow night at
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9:00 on ktvu. oscar nominations are scheduled to be announced, 12 years of slaves will be getting best nomination and best picture picture. they are expected to get best actor for dallas buyers club and cate blanchette will get best actress for blue jasmine. >> i am told it and this is how much she received on that bill and how she plans on treating herself. and the first lady, look nook plastic surgery, -- looking into plastic surgery. we will be right back. ó@ó
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. san francisco mayor ed lee is pushing to overturn the city's-year-old program of charging drivers to park at meters on sunday. the mayor is soon to spark a big deal as they have raised a lot of money for muni during the past year. >> it is based upon people paying tickets for over run
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meters. that is not the way up want them to understand. the mtv will say. a san francisco wait president is planning a dream vacation. it happens tuesday night and she was given a $3,000 tip on a 1 $7 bill. -- $147 bill. >> he was warm and sincere and i didn't see it coming. he was not flashy in any way. >> she also picked up the $389 tab for the people sitting next to him and it is the latest in a super sized tips signed tips for jesus.
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andand the first lady talks about plastic surgery, her work out routine and plans for after the white house. as she gets older, she plans to stay active and she is switching from running to things like yoga. when asked if she would much consider plastic surgery she said women should have the freedom to do that and right now i don't know if i would go that route but the president one -- but michelle obama once again said she would possibly consider it. and lost in translation, the new issues some spanish
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speaking people are running into on the california website. they are doing well coming up and over the hill and it is beginning to get a little bit slow on that construction zone and we will tell you what speeds are like, coming up. temperatures are warm, wife two in a row can you make it three.
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. we are live in san jose where a suspected serial arsonist has been arrested. he is accidentally set on fire and a lit cigarette is to blame here. and the action marin county is taking after 20 years. a man exposed himself to a group of girls at a south side school, the security some parents are calling for today, it is a all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now.
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we are taking you to the area where all of those fires were set, they have made an arrest which happened last night and we have been covering the story since the very begin being and we will have that new information, thank you for waking up with us, i am pam cook. >> brief break is there. >> brand-new day, i am dave clark, let's talk about weather and traffic, a little chilly? >> yes, it will be another chilly day, 30s and 40s and 50s, 31 santa rosa with a puff of a breeze, red flag warning is out, it's still in place which means severe clear, not breezily for -- breezy for some, if you


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